Size 3/No.3/102 Coffee Filter Papers - 100 Eco Friendly, Cone Shaped by Coffee Lusso

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Code CL3100
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  • Description

    Our ecologically-friendly, disposable coffee filter papers are a must for your 1-4 cup  pour over dripper cones and brewers or 2-cup filter coffee machines which use Size 3/No.3/102 filters.

    Available in 100s (2x50s), 200s (4x50s) or 300s (6x50s) we use minimum packaging for a minimum carbon footprint – no plastics.  These unbleached filters are extremely strong, even when wet, with non-adhesive crimped seams.

    Paper coffee filters have been proven to filter out harmful, cholesterol-forming Cafestol and Kahweol.  99% of these oils remain in the paper filter unlike permanent filters or unfiltered coffee. 

    Our filters are totally chlorine and dioxin free, tasteless and odourless and allow coffee to filter at the optimum rate for a cleaner, tastier, smoother cup of coffee.  

    As they are made from 100% natural wood paper, our disposable filters are eco-friendly, compostable (along with your coffee grounds), biodegradable and/or recyclable making them easier to dispose of ethically.  Being of the highest quality, they are also FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified.

    Our aim is to be as planet conscious as possible and therefore our packaging (which we have kept to a minimum) is also compostable or recyclable, and eco inks have been used throughout .

    Please check your filter funnel/brewer, or with the manufacturer, for the correct size before ordering – see image for measurements.