Tiamo Hand Coffee Bean Grinders - 3 Options by Tiamo

Tiamo 25g Slim Black Hand GrindersClick the image to enlarge
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  • Description

    Tiamo Hand Coffee Bean Grinders are always popular due to their comfortable feel in your hand and the rubber base which keeps the grinder steady on worktops. Can be used for almost all brew types, and is the perfect domestic grinder.  Three different styles, each with a different capacity.

  • Features

    Slim Black & Fat Black:

    • Brand: Tiamo
    • Models:  Slim Black, Flat Black.
    • Body material: plastic
    • Base material: rubber
    • Blade material: ceramic
    • Blade type: burrs
    • Sizes:  Slim Black - 1-2 cups/25g. capacity.
    •             Fat Black - 8-cups/115g. capacity.
    • Colour: black.
    • Adjustable blades.

    Stainless Steel:

    • Brand: Tiamo.
    • Body material: stainless steel.
    • Base material: rubber.
    • Blade material: ceramic.
    • Blade type: burr.
    • Size: up to 10-cups/ 140g. capacity.
    • Adjustable burrs.