Cafelat Knock Boxes - 2 Options - 2 Colours by Cafelat

Cafelat Red Home Knock BoxClick the image to enlarge
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  • Description

    We have two styles of Cafelat Knock Boxes - the Home, which will hold up to ten double pucks and the Tubbi Large, which will hold up to 40 double pucks before needing emptying.  A silicone ring at the base prevents movement and reduces noise.  The Home Knock Box has a fresh new look, sure to stand out in any kitchen.  Just remove the rubber bar to empty and discard your old grounds.

  • Features
    • Brand:  Cafelat.
    • Material: ABS plastic with silicon ring at the base.
    • Bar material: stainless steel with rubber cover.
    • Capacities: 10 double pucks, 40 double pucks.
    • Colours: black, red.
    • Dimensions: Home:  H: 120 x W: 175 x D: 150mm.
    •                      Large Tubbi:  H:   150mm. Weight 408g.