13Sep Choose Your Cup of Coffee

 Which coffee would you like to make? 

These pictures show a few of the different drinks which can be prepared using espresso as their base, demonstrating the proportions needed.  Below these is a comprehensive list of many more.



This is a term that literally means ‘drowned’.  It describes a shot of separately served espresso that is later poured over a the top of a scoop of vanilla ice cream or gelato. This beverage is usually served in a short drink glass and is an Italian dessert favourite. Popular Affogatos include Vanilla Affogato, Mocha Affogato, and Peppermint Affogato


A cappuccino styled drink served in an up-market café typically for children. It consists of warm milk in a small cup and topped with milk froth and chocolate powder. No espresso coffee essence is added.


A term in Italian that means short and is used to describe an espresso coffee drink made with a half-and-half light cream or semi-skim milk instead of full fat milk

Caffe’ Freddo

Chilled, sweetened espresso served in a tall glass, often on ice.

Caffe Latte or “Latte”

A ‘premium milk coffee experience’. Freshly steamed milk without foam served in a tall glass with a shot of espresso coffee.

Caffe Mocha

A combination of chocolate syrup and a shot of espresso, topped with steamed milk and a layer of micro-foam. Finished with a sprinkle of chocolate.

Cappuccino Chiaro (aka Wet or Light cappuccino)

Cappuccino prepared with more milk than usual.

Cappuccino Scuro (aka Dry or Dark cappuccino)

Cappuccino prepared with less milk than usual.

Cappuccino or “Cap”

A ‘traditional morning heart starter’. Steamed foamed velvety milk poured over one shot (1) of coffee oil extract made from 12gm of freshly ground beans producing 38ml of essence. Finished by topping with foam and a sprinkle of chocolate powder. Serve in a pre-heated vitrified ceramic cup.

Con panna

Like the beverage “macchiato”, but whipped cream is substituted for steamed milk.


Espresso “corrected” with a touch of grappa, cognac, sambuca, or other spirit.


Italian term for double. Double Espresso or twice the amount of coffee and twice the amount of water. Basically it describes two shots of espresso in one demitasse container.

Espresso con Panna

A variation of the macchiato by substituting a dollop of whipped cream for the milk froth. Basically a Starbucks invention. Means in Italian “espresso with cream”.

Espresso Lungo

American term where a shot is extracted longer for a bit of extra espresso. Tends to maximises the caffeine but will mostly produce a more bitter cup.

Espresso Romano

Espresso served with a lemon peel on the side. Whilst not a typical accompaniment in Italy it is commonly served with the espresso beverage in America.

Flat White or “White Coffee” – ‘uncompromising taste’.

Steamed microfoam milk poured through and under the espresso crème produced from one shot (1) of coffee extract made on 12gm of freshly ground coffee producing 38ml of essence. Served in a

pre heated vitrified ceramic cup. A common espresso coffee order in Australia/New Zealand. Great for latte art!


A coffee drink only served in the USA. It is an American term for a shot of espresso in a coffee cup that is topped up with drip-filtered coffee.

Latte Macchiato

Steamed milk served in a tall glass rather than a cup that is “stained” by a shot of espresso coffee.

Long Black

Often called the “American”. It is the ‘benchmark coffee without milk’. It is pure coffee made from one & one half shots of coffee extract made on 16gm of fresh ground beans producing 50ml of essence blended with steamed water. Served

in a pre heated vitrified ceramic cup with the essence floated over the top of a cup filled with hot/boiling water. It is a standard espresso (Short Black) but lengthened by the addition of hot/boiling water.


An espresso made by purposely allowing more water to flow through the ground coffee than usual. (sometimes called an Americano or ‘long’).


Meaning “stained” – Described as ‘strong, marked or stained’. A touch of steamed foamed milk added to a double shot of coffee extract made from 24gm of fresh ground beans producing 75ml of essence. Served in glass.


A French drink composed of cold coffee and seltzer water. First created by the French soldiers in 1840 in the town of Argelia. A variation includes iced coffee made with maraschino.


An espresso drink made with four shots of coffee.

Ristretto: (Ristretto in Italian means “restricted, shrunk or short”.)

It is the richest and most concentrated espresso drink where less water but the same amount of coffee is used to make the beverage and creates a less bitter espresso. The extraction time is shortened producing as little as 3 oz of liquid per serving. Pure and intense espresso served in a demitasse cup.

Short Black

A ‘pure intense Italian favourite with a biting crème head. Contains 75ml of pure double shot (2) coffee essence made from 24gm of fresh ground coffee beans. Traditionally served in glass and is referred to as Espresso by European customers.

Viennese Coffee

Brewed black coffee of any roast or origin topped and served with whipped cream.